Welcome to FXG Skin Viewer Application Homepage

Description and DISCLAIMER:

This AIR application allows you to modify and preview a skin file for any standard Flex Component. This application i have mainly developed for personal use and just for fun. When AIR 2.0 was announced with the nativeprocess API support i wanted to develop something using it and also at the same time the whole Flex 4 skinning architechture has been fun to explore.

I do not expect a lot of people to use this application.

This application has undergone limited testing and i have tried to iron out the bugs as i have discovered them but there might be more lurking, if you want to let me know about them then i could fix it. nayansavla at gmail dot com

I have developed this on OS X and i have no clue if it works on windows or not, chances are it should work but there might be instances where it would fail spectacularly so if that happens i am sorry, again if there is enough interest for a windows version then i will fix it.

At this point only Flex inbuilt components are supported, if you have a custom component with custom skin then you won't be able to preview it.


  • Ability to Preview any single element Skin like Buttons etc.
  • Ability to Preview Composite Skins like VScrollBar, HScrollBar etc.

  • Requirements:

  • Flex 4 SDK or higher.
  • Apache Ant (not sure about the version)
  • Adobe AIR 2.0 runtime.
  • If you don't have ant installed then you won't be able to preview the multicomponent files.


  • Single File
  • Multiple File

  • Download:

    The package can be downloaded here for OS X users, since the profile of this application has to be extendedDesktop i have to package this component from command line.

    It can be downloaded here.

    For Windows users, i have uploaded the swf file and the application descriptor file here. you will need to package the application using the following command.

    adt -package -storetype pkcs12 -keystore <your air certi file> -storepass <password for air certi> -target native skinviewer.air skinviewer-app.xml skinviewer.swf

    If someone can give me windows package then i could host it here.


    OSX users might get corrupt air file error so in that case mount the file using the disk utility and it should work.

    Finally as you can see this is a very informal page and i have created this application mainly for fun and would love to build upon it if there are enough people using it. suggestions, comments, complaints, flowers, brickbats are all welcome nayansavla [at] gmail [.] com :)


    I know this is a very crappy site page but i am sorry i couldn't come up with something better.