Aug 29 2011

Stage Video Problems

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Adobe announced Flash Player 10.2 a while back and the main update was StageVideo which allows rendering of video using the hardware and in a completely different way. This article really explains that in detail on how the amazing better CPU performance is achieved and other limitations.

This blog post i want to highlight the problems in using stagevideo which i personally have come across and hopefully adobe will resolve soon.

  • No Flex Support. If you take class containing stagevideo and add to an instance of UIComponent the video doesn’t render. All you see is a blank screen, you can tell the video is playing because you can hear it.
  • you have to use wmode=”direct” in your html embed otherwise it doesn’t work, this usually is not a problem but sometimes can be. If you have some over laying content like a menubar it will show behind the flash, our company website has this problem and we don’t use stagevideo for our live streaming events even though the player is capable.
  • No Backward Compatibility, if you use the stagevideo classes then the user needs to have 10.2 installed, Flash player will throw an exception otherwise. I have created a hack to use stagevideo and make it backwards compatible but its not out of the box. blog post about it

These are not major problems but Flex support is a huge one i believe. Hopefully we will see support for it soon but it seems like the Flex team is focussed on mobile platform for now.

Other restrictions on stage video are noted in the article linked above.

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