May 18 2010

Flex Skinviewer Application

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Since i started playing with Catalyst, i was disappointed that you couldn’t edit the code and then view how it had affected your component. There had to be a better way or some utility which would allow you to modify the code for skin file and then preview the component.

So when AIR 2.0 was announced with nativeprocess API, i figured it would be the perfect tool to develop something like that and here it is.

During the development, I was past the single component preview pretty easily but then multiple component files i wasn’t sure how to incorporate them. But after little bit of thinking and playing around i managed to get it going too.

I thought about integrating Shibuya for this application but then i decided not to.

I have created an entire new page for this Skinviewer application and it can be found out here.

Your feedback is highly appreciated, i know its a crappy design for the page.

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