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May 21 2008

Tile Painter Application

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This is an old Application i did sometime during July – Sept 2004. Here is the link to it,

You can selected the tiles from the drop down menu on the left and then paint them, layout will allow you to rotate the tiles etc.

I don’t have it connected to the php backend which allows to save and retrieve your work.

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Sep 16 2007

Why isn’t removeMovieclip isn’t working

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This is one of the most annoying problems i faced, its very easy to attach movies on stage using following, 


all is fine with this and no matter how many movies i add they will be on stage but when i want to remove the movies from stage i just do this


however this line of code won’t remove the movie if the depth is greater than 1048575, usually this could happen while using version 2 components.It is really well documented by Adobe but hey who reads documentation unless necessary. I avoided this problem by just using fixed numbers for depths and it has worked beautifully. It might look simple but when this problem hits you it can be really frustrating.

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